Web app for an event

Each year, the boy scouting group in Deinze organizes a very popular local event: Moose.
The goal is the same each year: to organise a nice one-evening festival. The plans and organisational structure is more or less the same each edition of the event.
That's why they invested in a solid solution for their web application: one that can simply be reused and updated each year.

The boy scouts have two halls: one for a regular party, the other for an exclusive vip party.
The targeted audience is different however. The regular party is more youth-oriented, whereas the vip hall has more of a wedding-party-like vibe.

Surrounded by a very large community, it's needless to say a lot of people want to attend the Moose event.

Ticketing platform

Moose sells tickets for their VIP-party online. Not only to they not want to depend on quite expensive third party services, they want to have a hand in who gets tickets and follow up on payments themselves.
The Moose administrators follow up ticket requests and, once payed, they mark the order as "successful". Tickets are automatically generated in a PDF-format and sent to the customer.

A custom application was created to fill in this gap.
The platform we've built sells a limited tickets from a given point in time. From that moment on, customers can fill out 1 form and order up to 10 tickets at the time.

We've noticed, due to high demand, the tickets are sold out in only a few seconds. The platform we built, handles all the load without an issue. There are no lost, double or semi-failed orders.

Entrance system

Since there are tickets, there is also a "ticket scanning application".
Each ticket has a unique QR-code, that is scanned with a smartphone at the entrance. This webapplication updates the data and the event organizers know at any time how many visitors entered the venue.

This is all done with a javascript application that runs inside the webapplication.