Monitoring my own household budget

A few years ago I wondered how much money I really spent on my car. I did some calculations in a Google Drive sheet, but soon I figured; if I want to get an understanding of how much money I can save, I need to track all my expenses as well.
And so it began, I analyzed all my incomes and expenses in a Google Drive sheet, which worked quite well, but the file grew extremely large and became very slow.

It wasn't long before I started to investigate other applications, but they were too pricy or had way too much complexity due to features I didn't need. I just wanted to track and analyze my money flows.

Technology-wise; the backend/API is provided by a small Laravel application, while the frontend is a React application.

Most importantly; performance is key. Google Drive was getting very slow (eating up all my RAM), so in the app "calculated month results" are cached serverside. It's not necessary to recalculate saving results from a year ago, although they affect today's property result.

Each transaction is booked manually, so UI can be a huge dealbreaker. I've encountered numerous bugs in the first versions I built with TailwindCSS, so recently I switched to MaterialUI.

This project is a continuous work in progress. The backend is just an API, with no real UI, so at this time it's not feasible to open source the codebase.

It's also not really possible to provide a working demo, as the data is real - hence the blurred boxes. This app just showcases how I built a custom solution for my needs, which other applications couldn't (or charged too much for).